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Concentrated Photovoltaic System

Zenith Solar hired Studio Tarazi  with the goal of finding the best application and Styling to the technology. After a few months of work I realized I could also try to accommodate more mirrors in the given reflector area because they just didn't seem tight enough. For 2 months I worked on the optimization of the reflector and it eventually went from 72% to 94% area coverage, which meant a much higher Solar Efficiency. The new mirror array had now determined the unique shape of the reflector and I went on designing every single part of the product, even the stamped clips that held the mirrors. The design won 1st prize in The 2009 Atir Award – Commissioned by the Israeli Ministry of Trade, Industry and Labor, and in 2010  was exhibited at the US National Design Triennial: Why Design Now? (Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, NY.)

Designed at Studio Tarazi for Zenith Solar

Someone made a stock footage of my work. That's a first :)


The Multi-Faceted Parabolic Dish exhibited at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, NY.

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