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Cloud PC

Massive computing power can obtained on-demand and for fair prices through cloud based computing services, offered by Amazon, Microsoft, Google and more. Based on these services, a new computer concept was developed by Sirin Labs: Low computing power and small footprint, yet with easy access to pre-installed cloud services, which can instantly turn into a colossal work station on demand.

As a desktop PC, all peripherals (e.g., keyboard, mouse, display, speaker) can be wirelessly connected.

The device offers a secondary touch display, showing selected applications for super quick access, or alternatively keeping an always-on display of data that has to be continuously monitored like stock market, Crypto tendencies, WhatsApp or social media . 

Unfortunately, this product had never made it to completion.

Designed for Sirin Labs

2017_7_12 NUC.581
2017_7_12 cloud.73212
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