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Adhoc Folding Canoe

"Designer Ori Levin, of Tsor Design in Israel, created this folding canoe, which he calls Adhoc, out of aramid (a component of both body armor fabric and bike tires) stretched on a carbon fiber frame. According to Levin, the whole kit and caboodle weighs just 4.1 kilograms (9 pounds), fits in a bag measuring just 13 by 23 by 70 centimeters (5 by 9 by 28 inches), and sets up in five minutes.

Construction and design details of this amazing boat can be seen in this video: Adhoc Folding Canoe".

(Derek Markham, Aug 8, 2011, Discovery news)

Adhoc assembly


Adhoc feasibility_study1

First feasibility study

Adhoc feasibility_study2

Second feasibility study

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