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Photo: Moti Fishbain

In this Case...

Designing a case for Finney was not simple. The unique shape and the sliding Safe Screen required some mental gymnastics. How much to protect the phone Vs. How bulky we allow it to be? How to open the wallet and still maintain a rigid geometry? A real case study :) 

Slim Case 1
Slim Case 2
Slim Case 3
Slim Case 4
Slim Case 5
Slim Case 6
Slim Case Messi

Special edition, designed personally for Leo Messi

Slim Case FCBJ

Special edition, designed for FCBJ players

The sandstone finish complements Finney's matte glass and glossy metals, and provides an excellent grip

Matte Metallic Black


Rugged Case Concept

Designed to withstand harder impacts and to provide a better protection, the Rugged Case combines a tough shell (Nylon 6) all around, and soft bumpers (TPU) in the areas more susceptible of getting hit and scratched. Still, avoiding a bulky result.

Rugged 1
Rugged 2
Rugged 3
Rugged 4
Rugged 5
Rugged 6

Other accessories 

The following products were not designed by me, but I made the images for Sirin Labs e-commerce (Rendered in Keyshot)

Solarin Earphones 1
Solarin Earphones 2
Solarin Earphones 3
Solarin Earphones 4
Solarin Earphones 5
Solarin Earphones 6
Car charger 1
Car charger 3
Car charger 4
USB-C to 3.5mm Audio dongle 1
USB-C to 3.5mm Audio dongle 2
USB-C to 3.5mm Audio dongle 3

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