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This picture is from 2008, but it's still my favorite :)
If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.
(Ralf Speth)
My name is Ori Levin. I was never very good at math, but it did get me to where I am now. I clearly remember that once, in math class, I started looking at the mechanical pencil in my hand and thinking "maybe I can find a better way to insert the lead". So I made a sketch, Side View, and than another one, Top View. I then made some slight design changes to my liking and gave it some shades... It was back in 1993 (I was 15) and I have been passionate about industrial design ever since.
In fact I consider myself very fortunate for being able to honestly say that Industrial Design has been both my profession and my hobby. It is a cliché but it's absolutely true.
I believe that design should always be bigger than the sum of it's parts. That an Industrial Designer has the privilege to take an idea and to give it form and function, color and texture, which will be seen and held by so many people in their everyday life. So why waste it on anything less that awesome? I also believe that an Industrial Designer must possess a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility, so that by his products
"We leave it better than we found it".
My name is Ori Levin and I love my job.

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work

  Email:    Mobile: +972-54-5500245    LinkedIn:  

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